Featured Courses

Pregnancy Course
£35.00 8 Sections 8 Lessons

This 8 week Pregnancy Course includes yoga for the pelvic floor, hips, shoulders, lower back and breathing exercises to get you prepared for birth. 

Taught by Jo a Senior Yoga Teacher who has been teaching pregnancy yoga for 10 years the classes are chilled, relaxed and designed to get you calm and stretched out. 

This course assumes you don't have any aches or pains and are having a low risk pregnancy. You may prefer to do the live zoom classes if you have more complicated needs.

Parent and Baby Yoga Course
£25.00 4 Sections 4 Lessons

This fun 4 week course is ideal to do with babies aged from 10 weeks to crawling. 

There's some yoga for baby, yoga for you to do with the baby and some yoga just for you.

Course To Aid Digestion
£25.00 7 Sections 7 Lessons

This much requested collection is a selection of twisty and restorative sessions to get your digestive system firing on all cylinders.

This is obviously not a substitute for medical care or advice so please see a dr if you notice changes to your digestion habits. 

7 Days Beginners Course
£25.00 7 Sections 7 Lessons

This complete beginners course is designed to get you from couch to mat. 

5 Week Hamstring Focus
£25.00 5 Sections 10 Lessons

Feeling a bit stiff in the legs?

This course is two classes a week for 5 weeks to focus on those hamstrings.