5 Week Hamstring Focus

£25.00 5 Sections 10 Lessons

Course Description

Feeling a bit stiff in the legs?

This course is two classes a week for 5 weeks to focus on those hamstrings. 


Course Content

Week 1

Learn the basics of forward folding in class 1 and build upon them in class 2.
Introduction To Forward Folds
Hamstrings Week 1 Lesson 2

Week 2

Week 2 starts with a gentle relaxing stretch of the legs for the first lesson and gets even more delicious for some long held stretches in lesson 2.
Hamstrings Week 2 Lesson 1
Hamstrings Week 2 Lesson 2

Week 3

In Week 3 we use what we've learnt so far to chill out in lesson 1 and have some balance challenges in lesson 2
Hamstrings Week 3 Lesson 1
Hamstrings Week 3 Lesson 2

Week 4

We've got a mix of steady held stretches and fun challenges in week 4.
Hamstring Week 4 Lesson 1
Hamstring Week 4 Lesson 2

Week 5

And for our final week we have a hamstring strength class finishing with a full hour of dynamic yoga.
Hamstring Week 5 Lesson 1
Hamstring Week 5 Lesson 2