The Happy Yoga Community is a fun, friendly online yoga studio ran by me, Jo Hutton, a Senior Yoga Teacher.

You don't have to be an expert in yoga to join, in fact unfit, inflexible people are especially welcome. 

The atmosphere is welcoming, encouraging and relaxing, and everyone goes at their own pace.

I don't teach fast flows or yoga tricks (nothing wrong with this, it’s just not what we do) instead we move our body in a steady, loving way to find peace, balance and inner strength.

So come and join our oasis of calm in amongst the hustle and bustle of life, and give yourself space to reconnect to yourself.



The Happy Yoga Community is for you if...


 You have been putting everyone else's needs first and it's time for you to move up your own priority list.

You're sick of exercise feeling like a battle with your body, and you want to move out of a place of celebration not punishment.

You've been running around so long, and keeping yourself so busy that you've forgotten how to relax.

You are excited to finally commit to the most important relationship you'll have in your life, the relationship with yourself.

About Our Classes

Our classes focus on three main elements;


  • Deep relaxation and restoration

  • Gentle core strength and stabilising

  • Delicious stretching to release tension in the muscles


Sunrise Yoga


30 minutes to wake up, stretch your body, build core strength and start your day feeling chilled out top to toe.

Just roll out of bed and onto your mat.

No need to get ready or brush your hair first (I don’t).


Monday/Wednesday - 7.30am GMT
On Zoom

(If you can't make it live a recording is available)

Relax and Restore Yoga


1 hour of complete restorative bliss.

Expect long delicious holds, gentle poses, massage, moving meditations and of course neck and hip releases.

We start the class with a check in so you can request anything you need that day.


Thursday 6.30pm GMT
On Zoom

(If you can't make it live a recording is available)

What's Included for only £20 a month?



    Class Library

You get an on-demand library with 100+ yoga classes and  an easy to use search function so you can find exactly what you’re looking for

    Zoom Classes

Access to 3 live classes each week which are recorded and available to playback for one-week in case you miss a class.



Happy Yoga is about so much more than the yoga poses. We have a supportive and engaged community that would love to welcome you.


A Word from Our Members

A faster paced class, with some fun challenges.

 Restorative Yoga

About Jo


When I walked into a yoga class for the first time over 15 years ago, I was a stranger to myself.

I had spent years treating my mind and body like unruly animals that needed to be tamed and brought to heel, and as a result I was not happy or healthy.

Over time I developed a steady yoga practice that allowed me to listen and feel comfortable in my mind and body.

After seeing the transformational results that yoga brought to me I decided to dedicate my life to sharing the gift of yoga with others.

I trained to be a yoga teacher in 2011 and have been teaching full time ever since, I run a yoga studio in Newcastle Upon Tyne and in 2019 Yoga Alliance Professionals awarded me with the title Senior Yoga Teacher.

Nothing would make me happier than having you in a class.



I'm a beginner to yoga would this be suitable for me?

Yes, we have a complete beginners course that is included in the membership to get you started.

What equipment do I need?

Ideally you should have a yoga mat, but you don't need a fancy you one. 
If you want any help finding one just send Jo a message with your budget and she'll point you in the direction of a suitable one.

Do I have to stay a member for a certain amount of time or can I cancel whenever?

You can cancel whenever you like in your account. 
Obviously I think you'll love it so much you'll stick around but you're free to leave whenever you like

Do I really get access to everything for only £20 a month?

YES, you get all the zoom classes, gratitude club, courses and pre recorded sessions.

Do I have to have my camera on in the zoom classes?

No, if you're more comfortable with no camera please feel free to keep it off.

However we're a really friendly bunch and we don't mind messy houses, cameos from pets and children, bed hair, or anything like that. 

Just come as you are.

What if I can't make it to the zoom times?

Recordings of the zoom classes will be available so you can catch up when you like in your own time. We also have over hundred pre recorded classes in the library for you to do.