Pregnancy Course

£35.00 8 Sections 8 Lessons

Course Description

This 8 week Pregnancy Course includes yoga for the pelvic floor, hips, shoulders, lower back and breathing exercises to get you prepared for birth. 

Taught by Jo a Senior Yoga Teacher who has been teaching pregnancy yoga for 10 years the classes are chilled, relaxed and designed to get you calm and stretched out. 

This course assumes you don't have any aches or pains and are having a low risk pregnancy. You may prefer to do the live zoom classes if you have more complicated needs.

Course Content

Relaxing Pregnancy Yoga

In the first class of the course we're going to look at the pregnancy breathing techniques that we'll be using throughout the course followed by a relaxing stretch
Relaxing Pregnancy Yoga

Pelvic Floor Exercises for Pregnancy

In this class we will be going through some pelvic floor exercises followed by a gentle stretch
Pregnancy Yoga for Pelvic Floor

Pregnancy Yoga for Creating Space in the Ribs

Some days it can feel like you have no room left for you any more! This class helps create space in the ribs.
Pregnancy Yoga for Creating Space in Ribs

Strengthen those Glutes and hips!

A strengthening class for the glutes and hips followed by a deep relaxation.
Pregnancy Yoga For Glutes and Hips

Standing Poses

This class is a bit more dynamic with some Earth Salutations, standing poses and hip stretches.
Pregnancy Yoga With Standing Poses

Yoga For Neck and Shoulders

Some upper body release with this class for the neck and shoulders.
Pregnancy Yoga for Neck and Shoulders

Lower Back Release

Let's slow it down today with some releasing poses to refresh the lower back.
Pregnancy Yoga for Easing Lower Your Lower Back

Preparation for birth.

In this class we will be getting the body prepared for the big day!
Pregnancy Yoga to Prepare for Birth