Private Yoga Classes With Jo


Enjoy an entirely bespoke yoga experience, tailored completely to you and your needs in the comfort of your own home. 

To allow a deep transformation these classes can be booked in packages of 12 weeks so you can deep dive into your practice.

Jo only takes four private clients at a time to ensure that you will get her full care and attention.

So if you're ready to focus on your self, have a particular goal in mind, or want some support creating a regular yoga routine, this is for you.

What's included in a package?


This is not just a yoga class its an entire container of support. 


  • Initial 45 minute consultation to identify your goals and how we will work together over the 12 weeks to facilitate them.

  • Weekly check ins to keep you on track

  • 3 private yoga classes held over zoom. 

  • Email and whats app support between classes 

  • Access to community zooms and on demand library


Cost is £475 for full 12 week package.

One Off Yoga Focus


Sometimes you just need the support of a 1:1 session, this might be suitable for you if


  • You are looking to get your motivation back and want some accountability

  • Would like to hone in on a particular goal

  • Need some support to get on your mat.


Cost is £275 for full 60 minute session and two weeks of whatsapp support.

I'm brand new to yoga would this be suitable for me?

YES! This would be a perfect place to start as you will have direct access to the teacher so she can meet you at the level you are at.

I'm pregnant could I do this?

These packages would be perfect for pregnancy. Jo has been teaching Pregnancy Yoga for 11 years and it would be a lovely way to focus on just you and your baby.

Why is it so much more expensive than the online membership?

In the membership you get access to all the generic classes and courses but this is a bespoke course just for you. 

Jo will personally create the course to fit your needs and you will get her direct support throughout the course.

If you are looking for a lower cost option, but still with lots of yoga and value then the online membership will be perfect for you.

Do you offer an in person version of these packages?

No, this is all online. 

I've found working online much better 1:1 as it means we can fit the sessions into peoples busy schedules.

What level of commitment do I need to do these packages? 

The more you put into these courses then the more you'll get out of them. 

However part of the course is learning to create a realistic and manageable self care routine that works for you and that's going to look different to everyone.